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Princess of Desire

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Product SKU: POD | Manufacturer Name : Edition Reuss

Also the second photobook of Japanese photographer and visual artist Ken-ochi Murata is a virtuosic and fantastic journey into erotic dream worlds.

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Ken-ichi Murata
17 x 24 cm
hardcover thread-bound with dust jacket
Texts in
German, English, French
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Sales price without tax 45,36 €
  • Description

Photography: Ken-ichi Murata


Japanese photographer and visual artist Murata creates highly detailed photographic stagings which evocatively depict nude models as though they were characters in an erotic fairytale. His enchanting models blithely shed their clothing and reveal their gorgeous nude bodies. What Murata strives to illustrate with these young girls is the image of the hime: an ancient Japanese word which can denote both a feeling of awe and a yearning for women. The conventional meaning of the word “hime” is noble princess. His second photobook too is a virtuosic and fantastic journey into erotic dream worlds.


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