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Feminine Anarchy 2

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Product SKU: FA2 | Manufacturer Name : Edition Reuss

It must be tremendously pleasurable for young women to piss uninhibitedly in public...

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Amanda James
17 x 24 cm
hardcover thread-bound with dust jacket
Texts in
German, English, French
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  • Description

Photography: Amanda James


It must be tremendously pleasurable for young women to piss uninhibitedly in public. And precisely this pleasure is what’s conveyed by the expressions on the cheerful, saucy faces of the women who participate in this unconventionally “moist” book. These uninhibited girls claim their right to pee in the corner or to let their warm juice soak through their panties and trickle down their long legs. Conservative men may perceive this as a threat to the traditional privilege of taking their cocks out of their pants and pissing wherever they choose. But progressive contemporaries are already dreaming about unisex pissoirs.…

Press comments and reviews

Anyone who has ever been surprised to witness an unexpected episode of feminine incontinence and who has had the chance to observe a woman pissing – whether she did it on the street, in the forest, behind a wall, in the subway, in the stairwell of an apartment house, on a parking lot or elsewhere – knows that we’re talking here about one of the most exalted delights of beauty, lust and erotic excitation. The residues of the human body have the ability to return us to childhood, they give our lives color and the aroma of freedom, which is ultimately one of the primary purposes of this perversion. This is why, when they suddenly become visible, they produce such an enchanting mixture of embarrassment and lust. In the second volume of Feminine Anarchy, Australian photographer Amanda James devotes herself to these uninhibited irrigational acts. A specialist in fetish photography, she has worked for magazines such as Fetish Australia and Skin Two. Here she has photographed more than twenty girls who, although most of them have appeared in the pages of Wet Set Magazine, are neither professional models nor actresses, neither especially gorgeous nor unusually unsightly. And each of them is willing to empty her bladder outdoors and in front of a camera. Amanda James has focused less on genital appeal and glamour – nearly all the girls are without makeup and are dressed in ordinary street clothes – and more on the process itself. She emphasizes the vulnerability and simultaneously also the rebelliousness that expresses itself when a woman squats down to urinate in a public place. Feminine Anarchy 2 is an excellent book with 128 jubilantly moist pages which lack nothing but the splashing sound and the pungent aroma.
(WetSet, Australia)



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