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Crazy Things In My Pussy And Butt

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Product SKU: CTIMP | Manufacturer Name : Edition Reuss

Idoia, the photographer’s muse, loves phalluses. No matter the shape.

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Luis Durante
28 x 20 cm
169 color photographs
Texts in
German, English, French
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  • Description

Photography: Luis Durante

Idoia, the photographer’s muse, loves phalluses. No matter the shape.Even the most amazing things become objects of lust: Banana, dildo, cucumber, plug, cooking whisk, saveloy sausage, double dong, apple. Idoia is the queen of detournement. Her appetite is such that she even introduces giant silicone dildos in both her holes. She has fun trying out ever new stuff. Between her legs or between her buttocks, nothing can resist her.

Idoia radiates with such an urge for orgasms that she sometimes makes herself cum “entirely”, by stuffing her hand up to her wrist into her vagina and into her dilated anus. But the very pinnacle of eroticism is reached when the pictures show her vulva swollen with a pussy pump. Just like the goddess of flowers from Botticelli’s painting “Spring”, with vine-shoot squirting out of her mouth, Idoia embodies lust. Even her panty disappears in her pussy… anything makes Idoia cum.


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